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Block Scoped Declarations
Block Scoped Declarations
Instead of using var to declare local variables, we use const and let. The main difference is that var is scoped to a function, while const and let are scoped to a block.
Additionally, variables declared with const can only be assigned a value once. Assigning another value to the same name will throw a compiler error. Note that if the value assigned to a const variable is an object or array, the object or array may still be modified. In other words, it's only the variable name that is bound permanently -- the value itself is still mutable.
You'll notice that the compiled output replaces const and let with var. You'll also notice that Babel transforms const a = 3 into var _a = 3. This is so that your code can run on older platforms that don't support the new block-scoped variable declarations. When using Babel, it's actually the Babel compiler that enforces proper usage and block-scoping, rather than the runtime JavaScript engine.