Day 1

    Today we'll be creating the Info, ArticleList, and StarButton components.


    This component should display an InfoResource (defined in resources.ts).

    I recommend creating a component Block that contains just the border and padding, so that we can reuse that part for other components.

    For help creating a Block, see: Arbitrary Children


    This component should display a list of ArticleResource (defined in resources.ts).

    Consider breaking down this component further into, for example:

    • an Article component, displaying the content of a single article
    • an ArticleList, mapping an array of ArticleResource into Article components
    • a Block component (if we made one earlier) for the border and padding


    First, we could make a Button component that takes arbitrary children. Then, we can make a StarButton which wraps it and passes in the Star component and a title.


    Finally, we can assemble these into our top-level App component.