Day 2

    Today we'll be finishing the StarButton, and then adding the Tabs and Trade components.


    Use useState to add toggle functionality to the StarButton.

    For help with useState, see: useState


    Implement a component that can switch between multiple tabs of arbitrary content.

    To build accessible tabs, we would likely want to use the HTML elements and keyboard shortcuts recommended here: However, the goal of this exercise is to practice React, so it's fine to use any elements you'd like and ignore keyboard shortcuts for now.


    This component will let us exchange currencies. Today, we should be able to enter any string in the input (we'll validate it tomorrow). If the input is empty, we should disable the button.

    This component can use our Tabs and Button components.


    Finally, we can assemble these into our top-level App component. We'll only be building the first tab, so the other tabs can contain anything you'd like.